The Ryokan, the traditional Japanese hotels

If you are planning a visit to the “alpine country” then you will not have to miss the magic of staying at one of the most authentic Ryokan in Tokyo and Kyoto. Kyoto has in the past been the capital of Japan and boasts some of the most traditional Ryokan in Japan.


The Ryokan is the most traditional of Japanese hotels (often also the inns). The difference between a simple hotel and a Ryokan resides in style. The most classical decoration of Japanese hotels has remained unchanged over the centuries and is still able to stage a decor that dates back to the early 17th century. Within a Ryokan you will be in close contact with Japan’s history, tradition, culture, courtesy and cuisine.


If you are thinking of getting into a Ryokan and staying in it, you can definitely opt for the charming Ryotei Rangetsu Ryokan Hoteltra. With its relaxing features, you will find on-site garden bathtubs, located at strategic points to give you breathtaking views in the most absolute peace .


Within a structure that seems to come directly from the future, lies all the more classic Japanese tradition. From the entrance of the Andon Ryokan you will have the impression of setting foot on a planet away light years from the earth. This Ryokan, just right for everyone, is just ten minutes from the center of the capital.


If you want in your Ryokan not one, but countless breathtaking views, then Momijiya Ryokan Hotel is what it does for you. A mix of modern design that blends with the Japanese tradition of the past, in the middle of nature, just 10 minutes from downtown Kyoto.


Finally, if you are looking for something simple, not centered and with all the conveniences that a traditional Japanese Ryokan can offer, the Khaosan World Asakusa Ryokan is perfect for anyone who is planning a vacation at a reduced budget.

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