Five unusual hotels in Sweden

Some of the most unusual hotels are in Sweden. We chose five from different points of view: design, materials, location and originality.


The Tree Hotel in Harads, Lapland, is located in a forest where each room is a tree house designed and furnished by famous architects and Scandinavian designers. The hotel has a strong eco-friendly connotation and is the first in the world to have a sauna on the trees. The immersion in the unspoiled Swedish nature is total and the place offers many outdoor activities.


The first floating hotel in Sweden, Salt & Sill is located on the island of Tjörn in the archipelago of the Bohuslän region north of Gothenburg. An exclusive hotel with 23 guest rooms and a suite with an outdoor jacuzzi. Another  hotel’s exclusive is the fastest sauna in the world, consisting of a sauna built in a boat that guests can rent individually or in groups and make saunas sailing in the sea.


Born as an art project by the local sculptor Mikael Genberg, the Utter Inn hotel in Sweden is unusual for a peculiarity: it consists of a two-person underwater room of 25 square meters, 3 meters below sea level. It is located in Västerås on Lake Mälaren not far from Stockholm. It has a floating bridge built as a traditional red Swedish wooden house that is 1 km from the harbor and in the room price includes a rowing boat to explore the lake with its many islands.


Where can you sleep in a room furnished in a true Jumbo Jet on land? At Arlanda Airport in Stockholm! The hotel is built inside a Jumbo dislocated and parked right in the main airport of the capital. Jumbo Stay offers several room categories from the luxury suite in the cab to the cheaper rooms for up to four people.


This lighthouse has all the cards in place for an unusual romantic getaway. It is located on a creek of a gulf called Falcon’s Nest (Falknästet) and looks at the harbor called the Paradise Harbor (Paradishamnen). The Kullen lighthouse in southern Sweden is the highest lighthouse in Sweden and inside it has a very cozy hotel room, with a circular bed hanging from the ceiling, from which to see the sun sets in the front row.


As we have seen, in Sweden there are many unusual hotels to allow tourists to have unique and original experiences immersed in Swedish views.

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