5 Awesome Things To Do in California & Nevada

Death Valley

Located between Nevada and California, Death Valley is the lowest elevation point in America, and is known for its extreme weather conditions with the highest temperature ever recorded at 134 °F.


Area 51

Located in Nevada, Area 51 is a US government/military site that is notorious for its extraterrestrial folklore.


Las Vegas, Nevada

A four mile strip of 24-hour casinos, shows, and over-the-top hotels is what Las Vegas is known for. Whether you’re there to gamble, see a show, or just soak up the sights of the lit-up nightlife, there is no shortage of entertainment in Las Vegas.


San Francisco, California

Known for its hilly landscape, a ride on the famous cable cars through the city is the best way to see the unique lay of the land. Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge is another must while in San Fran, along with a boat ride out to visit the infamous Alcatraz Island- once home to some of the most famous criminals in America.


Los Angeles, California

The City of Angels is home to the famous Hollywood sign, which you can walk up the Hollywood Hills to reach, and take a breath-taking picture overlooking the city. The city is home to some of the biggest movie producers, who all offer backstage tours of the lots and production areas.


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