4 Wonders of Mexico You Shouldn’t Miss

Mexico City

A beautiful city rich in culture and thousands of years of history. The city is a cultural epicentre, known for museums, markets, architecture, and traditional singing and dancing taking place in the square.


Chichen Itza

Built in 600 A.D by the Mayan people, Chichen Itza was a large city, with the most prominent of the city being El Castillo, the pyramid- shaped monument. Chichen Itza is one of the Seven Wonders of the New World.


Guadalupe Shrine and Teotihuacan Pyramids

Teotihuacan is a city from the Aztecs, known as the City of the Gods. Full of artifacts and history from when the land was inhabited by the Aztec people. The Guadalupe Shrine is the most visited religious sites in Latin America- built after ‘the Mother of the True God’ appeared to a local, and told them where to build a shrine. The shrine is a beautiful example of Spanish Baroque art dating to the 16 th century.


Mexico City Markets

Visit the markets to see what daily life is like in the city with bustling markets of San Juan (food), de Jamaica (flower) , and Mercado de San Cosme (where you can find a little bit of everything).


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