3 Wonders Of Ancient Egypt You Can’t Miss

A country that dates back as far as the tenth millennium BC, Egypt is a northeastern African country, that links the continent of Africa to the Middle East.

1. Giza Necropolis

One of the most iconic landmarks in Egypt, Giza is a trio of Pyramids known as the Great Pyramids, along with the Great Sphinx.


2. Luxor

Home to the Ancient Egyptian city of Thebes, making the city of Luxor seem to be an open-air museum. There are ruins of ancient temples within the confines of the modern city, and it overlooks the River Nile and the Valley of Kings and Valley of Queens.


3. Pyramid of Djoser

Known as the step pyramid due to its architectural elements. This pyramid was built around the 27 th century BC as a burial grounds for a Pharaoh


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